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QHSE Support by On Safe Lines

QHSE Support by On Safe Lines

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Payment methods accepted include PayPal, Nochex, Google Wallet (Checkout) and others.  

NOTE:  All our QHSE Business Software Solution sales are handled via our e-commerce facility on our parent company website at On Safe Lines.  Clicking on the link will take you to On Safe Lines on-line purchase page where you can also purchase additional On Safe Line QHSE Business Software Solutions.

Our software has been designed for use with windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and Win 8

Licences are sold per PC.  Therefore, multiple users may only use a single licence on a single computer.

To keep the costs extremely low compared to similar software solutions which cost hundreds or even thousands, the application is supplied on a fully supported annual subscription basis.

Purchase a copy TIRA - Task Inventory and Risk Assessment Windows Software  

We accept most currency, our licences however are shown as priced in £ - GBP currency.

To compare to your own currency, please use the currency converter tool on the right.

Note: 2CO, Paypal, Nochex and Google Wallet (Checkout) will accept many types of electronic transfer, including numerous major credit cards, etc.

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