Personal Protection Equipment Risk Assessment - p3

Section 3 - PPE General Requirements... continued

3.1 Are there the presence of environmental stressors which will affect the individual wearing the PPE e. g. extremes of temperature, humidity, poor or inadequate ventilation, background noise?

3.2 Are an Individual's ergonomic requirements and their state of health taken into account when PPE is required to be used?

3.3 The PPE be adjusted to fit the user correctly?

3.4 Training as detailed in Q2.1 includes practical use of the PPE, such practice in the fitting, adjusting and removing?

3.5 The needs of the user in terms of comfort, ease of movement, convenience of fitting and removing are taken into account?

3.6 Where PPE reduces or obscures vision procedure are in place to ensure this does not introduce additional risks?

3.7 Where more than one item of PPE is to be used at the same time are they compatible?

3.8 Where the PPE is to be used by under 18 year olds where there may be a lack of maturity or understanding of the risks involved in the task or activity, appropriate proactive management control exists?

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