Personal Protective Equipment Risk Assessment - p1

Select 1 - PPE General Requirements

1.1 Is the PPE provided when required?

1.2 Have all other methods of controlling the risks and therefore avoiding the need for the PPE been investigated?

1.3 The PPE is provided on a personal issue basis and no charge is made where the equipment is solely for use at work?

1.4 Does the PPE comply with the relevant national or international standard? (specify standards)

1.5 The design and manufacture of the PPE bears a health and safety conformity mark? (specify type)

1.6 The PPE requirements have been assessed to ensure that suitable PPE has been selected and provided?

1.7 Is the PPE covered by other specific legislation for work at these premises?

1.7 Is the PPE appropriate for the risks involved, the environmental of use and the period for which it is to be worn?

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