Manual Handling Risk Assessment - The Load

Section 2 - The Load

2.01 Is the item considered heavy?

2.02 Is the weight indicated?

2.03 Handholds and or handles available?

2.04 Is the load Rigid or Flexible?

2.05 Bulky or unwieldy?

2.06 Irregular Shape?

2.07 Difficult to Grip?

2.08 Shape and or Size Interferes with Handler's Line of Sight (especially where stair or steps are incurred)?

2.09 Unevenly Weighted?

2.10 Unstable / Unpredicable Weight Shifts (also refer to 1.3k)?

2.11 Load is or can become Wet, Slippery and or Greasy?

2.12 Intrinsically Harmful (e.g. rough / sharp / hot / cold)?

2.13 Contains Hazardous Chemicals?

2.14 Dangerous if Dropped (corrosive, toxic, gaseous, slippery etc)?

To be filled in by Assessor / Manager / Supervisor:



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