Manual Handling Risk Assessment - The Environment

Section 3 - The Environment

3.01 Space Constraints Prevent Good Posture for Lifting Techniques to be Applied Correctly?

3.02 Uneven and or Unstabel Floor or Underfoot Conditions?

3.03 Steps / Stairs / Slopes (varying floor levels)?

3.04 Poor and or Variable Lighting Conditions?

3.05 Wet and or Slippery Floor or Underfoot Conditions?

3.06 Adverse Weather Conditions?

3.07 Hot / Cold / Humid Conditions?

3.08 Sudden Distractions (i.e. noise, moving machinery, cranes, forklifts, vehicles etc)?

3.09 Obstructions, Obstacles and or Barriers to Negotiate?

3.10 Dangerous if Dropped (substances entering drainage or water catchment areas)?

3.11 Bodies of Water in Close Proximity or Underfoot (rivers, lakes, boarded tanks / cesspits etc)?

To be filled in by Assessor / Manager / Supervisor:



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