Fire Risk Assessment

Section 5 - Policy, Procedures and Instructions (page 1)

5.01 Has responsibility for Fire Safety been nominated?
List Name and Designation, and Deputy(s) as appropriate

5.02 Are competent persons available to assist in the preventative and protective measures?
List Names and Departments

5.03 Does a current up to date documented Fire Safety Policy with supporting Fire Arrangement Procedures && Instructions exist?

5.04 Does a current up to date documented premises plan which includes a basic layout and areas of significant risk exist?

5.05 Does the premises plan (Q5.04) form an integral part of the overall emergency plan?

5.06 Does the emergency plan take account of other emergency plans applicable to the same premises?

5.07 Is the emergency plan readily available to employees and other to read?

5.08 Is the emergency plan available to the enforcing authority?

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