Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

Section 8 - Environment

General Guidance - Noise from equipment should be at a level that does not impair concentration or prevent normal conversation. Common examples of potentially intrusive equipment are printers, photocopiers, facsimile or telephone answering machines. Heat can be given off by electrical equipment and if not property maintained, printers and photocopiers can give off ozone. Ventilation and humidity should be maintained at a level which prevents discomfort and sore eyes. relocation of equipment, screening or soundproofing can all be used to reduce levels of interference.

8.1 Does noise from adjacent workstations or other equipment cause distraction?

8.2 Can heat from adjacent workstation and/or other equipment be noticed?

8.3 Is there any evidence of ozone or other noxious substances being emitted?

8.4 Is the temperature adequate and comfortable?

8.5 Is the ventilation adequate and comfortable?

Section 9 - General Safety

9.1 Are there electrical hazards such as worn or improperly connected cables?

9.2 Are there tripping hazards such as trailing cables?

9.3 Is there clear and safe access / egress around the workstation?

9.4 Are working surfaces adequate in strength and stability?

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