Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

Section 5 - Space Requirement

General Guidance - This refers to the space under the desk and around it which should allow adequate clearance for postural changes. Adequate clearances for thighs, lower legs and feet under the work surface between furniture items.

5.1 Is sufficient space available to allow freedom movement and change of position?

5.2 Can documents and telephone equipment be handled in comfort and without excessive body movement?

Section 6 - Lighting

General Guidance - Lighting should be appropriate for the tasks performed and should illuminate the whole room to an adequate standard. Any supplementary individual such as desk lamps should not affect other workstations.

6.1 Is the lighting adequate at the screen and in the area of the workstation?

6.2 Does the screen attract reflections from artificial light?

6.3 Does the screen attract reflections from windows or normal daylight?

6.4 Does the screen attract reflections from decor or other equipment?

6.5 Do windows have fitted adjustable coverings to control daylights?

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