Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

Select 4 - The Work Chair

General Guidance - The chair must offer a comfortable posture, be adjustable in height and have a back that is adjustable for height and tilt. Footrests maybe required for individuals who are unable to rest their feet flat on the floor when the chair is at a comfortable position for operating the keyboard.

4.1 Is the work chair stable?

4.2 Is the work stair suitable for the weight and size of the employee?

4.3 Does the chair allow freedom of movement?

4.4 Can the chair be adjusted for height?

4.5 Can the back rest be adjusted for height and tilt?

4.6 Can the individual place both feet flat on the floor when seated and operating the keyboard?

4.7 Is there a foot rest available?

4.8 Is the foot rest specifically required for the user health or comfort?

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