Display Screen Equipment User Self-Assessment

Note: If you actively use Display Screen Equipment more or less continuously on most working days, with little or no interruption by other activities then you should be classed as a “user”, and a workstation assessment must be undertaken. If your unsure, complete the 7 questions below to aid the assessor in making a decision.

1. Do you depend on the use of Display Screen Equipment to do the job, there being no other means readily available for achieving the same results?

2. Do you have any discretion on when and if to use Display Screen Equipment?

3. Is the ability to use Display Screen Equipment a requirement of your job?

4. Do periods of work on Display Screen Equipment normally last for continuous spells of an hour of more?

5. Is Display Screen Equipment use on a more or less daily basis?

6. Is the fast transfer of information between you and the screen an important requirement of your job?

7. Does the performance requirements of the software you use normally require high levels of attention and concentration, for example, where the consequences of error may be critical?

If the majority of answers are in the boxes marked * (i.e., at least 4 out of seven), then you should be considered a “user” and must be provided with adequate health and safety training in the use of the workstation.

To be filled in by the assessor only:



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